These 7 easy tips summarize my beliefs on how to live a healthy life. In a recent motivation talk, an attendee asked me for a succinct list of the things we should care for if we wanted to live longer. Well, I frankly have no idea about how to live longer, nor about how to look younger (plastic surgery perhaps?). However, I have 7 easy tips we could pay attention to if we want a healthy life:

7 easy tips for a healthy life. Simple things will make you bloom.
7 easy tips for a healthy life. Simple things will make you bloom.
  1. Variety: In your physical exercises and activities, in your habits, leisures, and meals. Besides, your mind should have a reasonable daily rotation of ideas (please, don’t focus too hard, too long into a single thought.)
  2. Regularity: For eating, for sleeping and of course, for working.
  3. Eat more, eat less: Have plenty for breakfast, less for lunch, and a very frugal dinner. Eat your antioxidants, mainly fruits and vegetables (including vegetables oils). Some coffee, tea, chocolate and wine is also ok.
  4. Self-confidence: If you are hoping that another person makes you happy, you’re asking to be disappointed and framed. Be yourself, and trust your feelings. Love life.
  5. Exercise: Your body and mind must be in equilibrium. Remember that you live in a material world, and your body is your direct communication with it. At least take some long walks, in order to fortify your muscles (and your mind).
  6. Relax: Switch your mind and body, and forget about work, conflicts and hardships. Look forward for better times.
  7. Patience:As time goes by, you will see the things you have worked for… to come true.

But foremost, discover the things that work for you!