Hello, and welcome to my blog You can’t stop the journey. Here I’ll write and discuss my thoughts on self-development, education, and life in general. The domain and all the technical setup of this blog was gratuitously provided by xklibur.com. Thank you, XKli!

I have 30+ years of experience working on pedagogic, workgroups and laboral topics. I’m always looking for ways to strengthen my students’ self-confidence and self-awareness.You can’t stop the journey. All of us should focus our energy on our goals, and ultimately, on reaching happiness. Let’s start with a provocative question. Does happiness comprise money? Shrewd teachers are always defiant in their proposals and methods. Were you taught that material goods are evil? Certainly, you cannot live for buying merchandise and propaganda. You are soul, true. But you are body, too. So, in part, you also belong to this material world. You feel hunger everyday. That’s your proof of being a material creature. So, let’s face it. Food is necessary. Money is necessary. Pleasure is necessary. I have no problem understanding that. And you?

The problem is that some people frequently forget that such material things shoud NOT be the keel of your life. You are also a spiritual being. And the spirit requires its things too. You are an integral being. Give the spirit its love and its health. Good synchronization of your body and soul is required to achieve success in life. If you have a powerful mind but an unhappy body, you’ll not harness your ideas at their maximum, and viceversa. Sometimes I recur to short tales and notes in order to bring order to the mess. Future posts will present such stories, ideas and recommendations.

Finally, a tiny disclaimer: please remember that these posts will reflect strictly my personal views on the involved subjects, and by no means represent a professional opinion applicable to other people, other circumstances. In this sense, these are very particular notes I’ll be sharing with my students, and with you, my beloved reader. You may find some notes helpful, but it’s up to you to decide that. After all, life is the power to decide. Welcome.

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