Yesterday, a reader from Miami, USA, sent me a very positive and lovely feedback about my article Looking for True Happiness. She loved the succinct discussion involving economy’s views, a theme she feels is often neglected from essays on happiness. Thanks. I’d like to share with the other readers of You can’t stop the journey a very personal approach to happiness, courtesy of Mrs. Paula Marcenaro. In her email, she refers that life was really harsh for her after her parents’ death, when she was 14… that was some years ago, as she is now a shining and exquisite 60+ woman ๐Ÿ˜‰ She had to work very hard in order to achieve her teaching degree and to bring up her six daughters. But now, she is very, very happy. All of her six girls are professionals, holders of high academic degrees. Nevertheless, she always kept her self-confidence. Self-confidence and an unbreakable faith in a better tomorrow allowed her to improve and achieve her goals. Self-confidence allowed her to endure others’ unkind critics, envy, and general problems.

All of her daughters are married, attending their own families. Mrs. Paula sees each of these new families as the result of her self-confidence. She knew she could do it, and now she’s proud of such accomplishment. Now, she is enjoying her grandchildren and 15 bucks a day to spend on fun and relax. She loves reading good books, and every morning she surfs Internet to look for any breaking news. With her 15 bucks she enjoys coffee shops, visits malls, goes to the beach, or simply buys a few mint candies. Sometimes, she simply spend her nights weaving sweaters for her family members. She holds firmly to a simple moral: live as you want (free!) looking for your own success, but without hurting others.

Starting this week, she’s on vacation to the land of the rising sun. And she seems very excited about her plans in Japan. As in the past, her husband will be her only companion. Enjoy! You both deserve it. And good luck with your Pachinko bidding ๐Ÿ˜‰

Thank you very much, Mrs. Paula ๐Ÿ™‚